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Fallout FAQ: 2010

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En liknande namngivning används för Novac i Fallout: New Vegas. Arefu är en liten by i Rumänien, mest. Referenser Redigera. ↑ Prima Official Game Guide.
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How To: Rob the Silver Rush casino in Fallout: New Vegas How To: Play blackjack. glitches, tips, tricks, hacks, downloads, achievements, guides, FAQs, walkthroughs.. Fallout: New Vegas -- Dead Money for PC Cheats Fallout: New Vegas.
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How to acquire the unique weapon Holorifle in Fallout: New Vegas: It is given to you at the start of Dead Money.
Dead Money is the Fallout:New Vegas DLC.
How to acquire the unique weapon Q-35 matter modulator rifle in Fallout: New Vegas: REPCONN Headquarters, behind the very hard locked door at first floor.
The very hard terminal next to the door can also be used.
Accessing the weapon without 100 in Science or 100 Lockpick:.
The tour guide will open the room to the planetarium average locked door if you do not like the Long tour or the robot is dead and go to the room back in the left.
Walk upstairs and there is a key card for the main floor.
Go to Floor 2.
At the southwest corner of the second floor is a staircase which will guide you to Floor 3.
Handy who asks for the password, with a Luck 7 you can say Ice Cream.
Handy robots turn hostile, and hostile heavy combat bots appear from hidden compartments in the walls.If you can't find the correct door on the 2nd floor, you can also unlock the very hard door on the main floor now with the key card to enter the same room.
If the gun is not there make sure to check your companions inventory as they may have taken it before you get to it.
Video: How to acquire the unique weapon AER14 prototype in Fallout: New Vegas: The AER14 Prototype laser rifle is located in Vault 22 common area.
To obtain it, go to the fifth floor, Pest Control, and enter the stairway door to the common area which has a lock with a difficulty that varies according to the players level.
The AER14 is laying on the ground next to a scorched skeleton.
A mercenary with combat armor, reinforced is carrying this weapon.
You need to either pick-pocket him or kill him no karma or reputation loss to get it.
Many of the Paladins in Brotherhood T-51b power armor wield it.
How to acquire the unique weapon Pew Pew in Fallout: New Vegas: This weapon can be found inside the Sunset Sarsaparilla Headquarters after presenting to Festus at least 50 Sunset Sarsaparilla star bottle caps and beginning the quest A Valuable Lesson.
The weapon is found next to the body of Allen Marks but is not in his inventory.
Video: How to acquire the unique weapon Missing laser pistol in Fallout: New Vegas: Found at the fast travel point of Scorpion Gulch on a large rock in the middle of the gulch, near a corpse.
Once you are eligible for the quest, if you fast travel to the gulch it's right behind you on said rock.
It will not appear until you have read the note from Knight Torres, talk to the Knight in charge of the firing range to find out who used it last and then talk to initiate Stanton.
Video: How to acquire the unique weapon Alien blaster in Fallout: New Vegas: The alien blaster is found just north of Horowitz Farmstead, but is only available to players that have the Wild Wasteland trait.
The Alien Blaster is looted off of the Alien Captain, once you have killed him, fallout new vegas sierra madre casino walkthrough with about 140-250 Alien Power Cells.
The Captain is aided by two other Aliens all 3 fallout new vegas sierra madre casino walkthrough the Aliens use Laser weapons.
Video: How to acquire the unique weapon Euclid's C-Finder in Fallout: New Vegas: Found in Freeside, near the east gate.
A boy named Max carries it.
During the day he can be found running around fallout new vegas sierra madre the C-Finder chasing a girl named Stacey.
The player may either buy it for 1000 caps or 20 caps with a barter skill of 45or it can be pickpocketed from Max, or taken from his bedside while he is sleeping.
Max goes to sleep at 9:30pm, and sleeps on the second floor of the building on the right after coming into Freeside from the East Gate.
Video: How to acquire the unique weapon Big Boomer in Fallout: New Vegas: The Big Boomer is carried by Old Lady Gibson, who resides in the Gibson Scrapyard.
The weapon can be looted from her body, or shot out of her hands in combat she'll become non-hostile if you quickly holster your weapon afterward.
It cannot be reverse-pickpocketed from her.
Even though a fully-repaired hunting shotgun is enough to get her to move Big Boomer into her unequipped inventory, she will catch your attempt to take the Big Boomer 100% of the time, even with 100 sneak skill, Chinese Stealth Armor and a Stealth Boy activated.
Video: How to acquire the unique weapon Dinner Bell in Fallout: New Vegas: In the city of The Thorn, it is given as a reward among other things after completing Bleed Me Dry.
Check your inventory after you are done "talking" to Red Lucy.
Video: How to acquire the unique weapon Vance's 9mm Submachine Gun in Fallout: New Vegas: The weapon is missing from its display case in the Vikki and Vance Casino, but Primm Slim does not notice this fact.
With high enough Science skill 50however, you will gain a dialog option to reveal that the weapon was taken to Wins Hideout, where it can be found inside the safe with a very hard lock.
The lock can be picked, or with a high enough Speech skill 55 you can convince the Wins to give you the combination.
Video: How to acquire the unique weapon Ratslayer in Fallout: New Vegas: Inside the Broc Flower Cave, on a desk in the cement fortification.
Video: How to acquire the unique weapon La Longue Carabine in Fallout: New Vegas: Can be found in Camp McCarran near New vegas, it is carried by an old Ranger by the name of Corporal Sterling.
He is part of the quest I Don't Hurt Anymore and killing him for the rifle will forfeit the quest.
After killing Driver Nephi and returning to Major Dhatri as part of the quest Three-Card Bounty, the 1st recon unit will move to Camp Forlorn Hope.
You can find them all together next to the Jailhouse in the northwestern part of the camp.
Usually the conditions of the anti-materiel rifle that are obtained from Veteran NCR Rangers are broken - very bad condition.
Video: How to acquire the unique weapon All-American in Fallout: New Vegas: Located in the Armory of Vault 34, on top of an overturned table, along with some ammo.
Note: There are two overturned tables in the room, one in a corner that is partially covered in glowing waste, the other is more centrally located.
This is the one you want.
If Boone, Cass, Veronica or Raul are in your fallout new vegas sierra madre casino walkthrough, and you can't seem to find it, check their inventory as they may have picked it up.
If you have sold the gun to a merchant or anybody else, they wont have it for sale, if you want it back you can kill the merchant or check out Vault 34 again.
The shack is right next to the main road leading in to the base.
The gun is sitting on one of the shelves on the left wall.
The well appears upon talking to Rex upon him saying ¨aroo¨ and asking him if someone fell down a well.
Doing this will cause you to receive a map marker denoting the location of Jimmy's Well.
Video: How to acquire the unique weapon Lucky in Fallout: New Vegas: You can find Lucky in a Hard locked floor safe inside the Bison Steve Hotel in Primm.
Enter the hotel through the main front entrance and proceed east to the gift shop.
Behind the cash register on the floor is the safe requires 75 Lockpicking.
There is also a fallout new vegas sierra madre casino walkthrough of Tales of a Junktown Jerky Vendor lying by the safe.
Video: How to acquire the unique weapon Maria in Fallout: New Vegas: This gun is only held by Benny.
To get this weapon you can kill him or pickpocket him.
It can be obtained if you opt to fight Benny in the arena and successfully kill him, oddly enough, he will only use the Machete throughout the fight despite having the handgun in his inventory.
It should be noted that the weapon can not be obtained if the player has Benny crucified, and its not able to be pick-pocketed if you confront Benny in the presidential suite at The Tops; only its ammo will be in his inventory.
It can be acquired by passing a barter skill check 50 Barter required when hiring him for the mission Talent Pool, pickpocketing him, shooting it out of his hand or looting it from his body.
After The Lonesome Drifter is recruited for Talent Pool the Magnum will be in his pocket while he is sitting around in the lounge and can be pickpocketed off of him.
If you are caught trying to pickpocket the weapon while in the lounge, you fallout new vegas sierra madre casino walkthrough keep trying until he turns hostile.
Do not kill him, instead let a companion kill him fallout new vegas sierra madre casino walkthrough there will be no negative to your karma.
Although, you must have either killed Benny, or let him live to not have the entire bar get hostile towards you.
You can then loot his corpse and take his items, including the Magnum.
Video: If you have played Fallout: New Vegas you might have noticed that your companions tends to dissappear at times which is rather annoying to say the least, but fear not!
If you play the PC version of the game this can easily be fixed: Ok so this guy beat Fallout:New Vegas without killing ANYTHING.
An amazing feat, see the quote below: " Beat the game without killing anything.
My stats right before the end.
There were two or three more quests i could have completed.
One being the Bleed Me Dry quest with the eggs.
BUT i must have walked over a mantis on the first leg and didnt notice until 3 hours later so i said "Fuck it" and just reloaded before that quest and finished the game out Tack on another 5-6 dialog successes for using Barter with Red Lucy and i broke 200 dialog checks.
Game was great start to finish.
NV basically takes Fallout 2 and runs with it.
The only quest where i was disappointed with the ending was the one for the Van Grafs.
Also nice to see Lockpicking balanced out in New Vegas.
In FO3 Science is fairly useless because 90% of all the computer terminals just unlock what could be picked.
There were so many skill checks for Science in NV though.
Of all the companion quests i think Arcades was my favorite.
Really nice especially with what it leads to.
Oh well, maybe next time.
Add another 2-3 for that Thorn Egg quest and another 10 or so for exploring everywhere and looting all the places i had no need since wtf was i going to do with a unique weapon and 70 hours is most definitely possible.
Time to put NV away for a bit.
Thanks Obsidian and thanks Bethesda for not hogging the franchise and using it wisely for bringing out the best rpg in years.
All shriveled up and sickly.
First post on this Fallout FAQ.
I will mostly be focused on Fallout:New Vegas, it being the latest Fallout game to be released How to use cheat codes in Fallout: New Vegas: Once you are ingame start by pressing ~ or §, if you use a Swedish keyboard, regardless the button to the left of the 1 on your keyboard.
Then you can enter any of the following commands: Add of sunset sarsaparilla blue star bottle caps player.
QQQ Removes all items of selected NPC removeallitems Repair items.

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